Our Leadership

Jorge Richa
GALRDON Founder / Owner

Our company is led by a Marketing professional who has over 20 years of work experience across the United States, Latin America, and International markets.  Jorge has a broad understanding of business and of brand’s engagements with a variety of consumers including Anglo, Hispanic, and LGBT as a result of his work in Corporations, Advertising Agencies, and Non-Profit organizations.

Through the development, management, and execution of promotions & event marketing initiatives he has made it possible for consumers to interact with a variety of brands.  He has created many events and engaging consumer experiences for clients in the pharma, food, and sports industry as well as for brands in the banking, retail, and consumer packaged goods categories.  Additionally Jorge has done the same for organizations and business associations within the travel and hospitality arena.  All of these activations have contributed to positively impact consumer’s purchases and brand loyalty.

Jorge possesses a bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Washington University.  He was born and raised in San Juan of Puerto Rico and resides in Miami since the year 2000.  He has a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the Miami market as it relates to its government, associations, geography, event suppliers, venues, and market composition.

Photo by Juan Saco Mironoff

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